Why should I stain or seal my fence?

So, you got a new fence, and now you have a few questions. Won’t my fence age over time? Do I have to seal it somehow to protect the wood? How often should this be done?

At Dixie Fence, we offer staining and sealing services to enhance the beauty of your fence while also extending the life of the wood by protecting it from rot, weather and insects. We recommend staining and sealing be done every two to three years using our exceptional-quality Wood Defender stain and seal products.

Available as a transparent or semi-transparent stain in multiple colors, Wood Defender acts as both a stain and seal. It penetrates deep into the wood for excellent water repellency, resistance to ultraviolet light, and contains anti-mildew and anti-fungal additives that prevent graying. Simultaneously, the beautiful pigments highlight and reveal the wood grain, which is especially appealing when installing a new cedar fence.

Even if you have an existing fence that is worn and weathered, Dixie Fence can bring new life to the structure! After inspecting your fence for any necessary repairs, we will thoroughly clean your fence to remove dirt and residue, and then apply the stain and seal in the color of your choosing. Voila! Your fence has gone from eyesore to envy of the neighborhood.

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